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Reports of scammers on Wish Upon a Hero

Anonymous40784 started this conversation
I have noticed alot of people on AidPage recommending the website: Wish Upon a Hero (WUAH).
Matter-of-fact, someone told me about it & I recommended someone go on it.
But, I want everyone to be careful. Many rumors are going around that its no longer a trustworthy site.
I have heard that many people have been "scammed" on that site. It has been reported to me that some people have gone there for help & they received a check or a money order in the mail that turned out to be totally 'fake'. Now, these people are in trouble with their bank.

I hear there are alot of scammers on the site.

Now, this is only some of the things that I have heard.
One would need to check it out for themselves.

I'm just saying to please be careful when you go to that site (or any site). That way one won't end up in a worse situation then they are in now.
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 in response to troy flora...   I have discovered that alot of people have been helped & things were on the up & up there.
However, some people have reported to have been scammed usually by a 'guest' hero.
The site has takne measures to get rid of known scammers.
But, like any place 'devious' people will pop up to do 'devious deeds'.

Have a great night.
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troy flora
i have not herd of this site but i will heed your good advice thanks
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i am on wishuponahero site .i have not had that problem with them.but i never receiced any money from anyone either.what people need to do is get a paypal account this way you know that the money will be there for you or just have them pay the bill to whom ever it needs to be paid to.i am going to try and logon some time this week to let them know what is going on with there givers
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its sad how some people can be so cruel at a time when people are at their lowest time in life what a shame!
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It wasnt on wish upon a hero I dont even remember where I had posted but this guy had offered to pay my medical bills and the was going to send me a money order then I was to send he differance to someone else. When I got the money order something just didnt seem right so I took it to the bank and they couldnt even tell they had to send it to there fraud alert. of course it was fake so it does happen
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